Full disk encrypted Ubuntu on Kimsufi sever

@mlesyk   2019-08-16 12:09   Linux, Hosting

I’m big fan of affordable dedicated hosting provider Kimsufi.
For very reasonable price you can have your very own dedicated server.
Unfortunately, Kimsufi installer does not offer LUKS-encrypted installation of systems, so we should do it by our self.

As outcome of this guide we will have installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system with following features:

  1. Full disk encryption using LUKS.
  2. No LVM used - honestly, I think adding another layer of abstraction in single disk server does not have any sense, so we will encrypt raw volume.
  3. Remote unlock ability via Dropbear SSH server.

WARNING! This guide will lead to deleting of existing data on your server. Please, make backups first.

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Making Atom first class Python IDE with help of Nuclide

@mlesyk   2018-11-02 21:04   Development

First of all, you need Python 3 installed in your system, otherwise, install it.
Before we actually start set up Atom, we need install few dependencies of our environment.
I recommend install them in dedicated Python virtual environment, so it will be easy to port or back it up.
I’ll use Python 3 built-in module venv, but you can pick any other alternative.

python3 -m venv ~/.devenv
source ~/.devenv/bin/activate
python3 -m pip install wheel

Then we need to install following packages:

  • black - used for auto formatting of code
  • flake8 - used for static analysis of source code and checking for symantec discrepancies
  • flake8-mypy - flake8’s plugin for integrating of mypy - used for type checking
  • isort - used for automatic sorting of imports
  • jedi - used for autocompletion
source ~/.devenv/bin/activate
python3 -m pip install black flake8 flake8-mypy isort jedi

Then, at last, install Atom for your operating system and let’s start hacking it!

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