Making Atom first class Python IDE with help of Nuclide

@mlesyk   2018-11-02 21:04   Development

First of all, you need Python 3 installed in your system, otherwise, install it.
Before we actually start set up Atom, we need install few dependencies of our environment.
I recommend install them in dedicated Python virtual environment, so it will be easy to port or back it up.
I’ll use Python 3 built-in module venv, but you can pick any other alternative.

python3 -m venv ~/.devenv
source ~/.devenv/bin/activate
python3 -m pip install wheel

Then we need to install following packages:

  • black - used for auto formatting of code
  • flake8 - used for static analysis of source code and checking for symantec discrepancies
  • flake8-mypy - flake8’s plugin for integrating of mypy - used for type checking
  • isort - used for automatic sorting of imports
  • jedi - used for autocompletion
source ~/.devenv/bin/activate
python3 -m pip install black flake8 flake8-mypy isort jedi

Then, at last, install Atom for your operating system and let’s start hacking it!

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